Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vallaarai keerai chutney


Medicinal Values of Vallaarai: 

It is a tonic and has ability to tone up your muscular tissues.

It improves hemoglobin percentage, RBC, serum cholesterol and 

blood sugar in your blood.

 It activates fast growth of your hair, skin and even nails. 

It is identified as an excellent brain and nerve stimulant. 

It is believed that this herb improves brain function and the mental ability 

as well as improves memory and learning performance. 

You are able to overcome easily all your negative effects 

related with fatigue and stress.

The herb has potentials to improve I.Q. among children. 

It is also recommended for mentally retarded children.   



Vallaarai keerai -2  cups(leaves alone)

Urad dal - 1 tsp

Small onion - 20 nos

Red chillies - 4 nos

Coconut - 2 tbs  (

Tamarind - a little

Oil as you need

Salt to taste

Jaggery - a pinch(optional)


 Dry fry the urad dal and keep aside

 Put  one tsp oil and saute  the chillies, onion, grated coconut and 

 the green vallaarai keerai  till the raw smell goes completely .

 Add the salt needed and the tamarind. 

 After the sauted mixture cools down grind all with the urad dal to a coarse  paste   

 In the end add the jaggery  and  give one more  stir

 It will remove the little bitter taste of the vallaarai. 

 Seasoned with ½ teaspoon mustard seeds and 2 dry chillies.

 Serve with hot rice or as side dish...

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