Monday, April 2, 2012




Idli or Dosai  batter - 2 cups  

Grated carrots 
(or chopped spinach, 
finely minced cabbage) - 1/4 cup(optional)

Onions -  
1/4 cup(chopped finely) 
(if you get sambar onions they are more tastier)  

Coriander leaves -   a handfull

Green chilles - 3 

Curry leaves - a handfull  

Mustard seeds - 
1/4 tsp 

Channa dal - 1tbs 

Salt to taste

Oil- 4 tbs


 In a small pan heat the oil, add the channa dhal  allow it to get red 

 and add  mustard seeds and curry leaves. Allow it to crackle.

 Add the chopped onions and green chillies saute until onions are tender.

 Combine all the ingredients including the above mixture into the dosa batter.

 Grease the paniyaram pan with oil.

 Heat the pan on medium heat and  Spoon the dosa mixture into the holes of the pan. 

 Cover with a lid. 

 After a 3-4 minutes you will notice the top part steamed. 

 At this point, turn over each paniyaram and allow it to cook the other side. 

 This time around don't cover with a lid. 

 Allow it to cook on medium low heat until the bottom is browned and crisp.

 Once done, remove and arrange on serving trays. 

 Continue with the remaining batter and serve warm or 

 room temperature as it is or with your favorite chutney.

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