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              South India Food Recipes was established on 26th march 2012. In this tenure of a month, I have posted more than 50 recipes with utmost interest and care for the people.
Since from the beginning, you will find that I write about the recipes that have been
inspired by fellow bloggers, recipes from my vast collection of magazines and cookbooks or recipes from a friend or relative.

                       I am very selective on the recipes posted in the blog. Before posting any recipes I undergo a thorough study about the pros and cons of it being posted. I always choose recipes that will benefit the whole family. I could see the success of posting good recipes from the visitor’s count of my blog. Within this month the audience strength crosses to 500. People from different countries are visiting this blog on a regular basis. I never expected this grand welcome in this short tenure. 
                    I appreciate your comments and feedback as a guest of my blog. I welcome your comments/feedback that is constructive and useful to all and if you want to leave your comment, there is a comment column available on below of every post. Share your thoughts / critics about the recipes often.  

                   You can also subscribe to South India Food Recipes to get notifications of the latest posts (recipes) as and when I update the blog. There is a feedburner email subscription box in the side bar. Just leave your email address and you will receive updates of my latest post  
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                                               Enjoy the recipes!!


  1. Hey punitha.. isnt teh spelling on teh link wrong???

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      it's wrong:)

      Thank you for your kind information:-)

      I did that, correct???