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                             This is my first article in this blog and i'm  very glad to introduce this blog. This is to improve the income of the housewives those who pursue for money. Please give your precious  comments and your valuable support.

                             Today our lives are revolving around money. At the outset, this statement may  look like an exaggeration.Nonetheless it is a fact. People do whatever they can to earn money.Many people think that earning money is the most important thing in their lives.Ironically most of us hardly understand the importance of saving money. According to me, saving money is at least as important as earning money. By saving money today, in a way, I am securing my tomorrow. Savings will help us whenever we face financial problems in the future. They will provide us a means through which we can lead a happy & secured life when we grow old.

                            Our savings will help us in providing a better future for our children. We need to spend a lot of money for our child’s healthcare and education. Hence whatever we save today will definitely come in handy when we are need of it. My father’s savings have helped me in completing my degree without any financial problems.

                              In a way, our savings are the safest investments through which we can earn more money. For example, by saving some money in a bank, we will get more returns in the form of interest. People can invest in insurance schemes. Through these schemes, we not only get the interest on the sum assured but also get insurance coverage.

                             Sometimes, our savings will help us in realizing our dreams. Being a person from a lower middle class family, I have always dreamt of driving my own car. I knew that buying a car is a costly affair which I can’t afford in one go. Hence I started saving $100 per month. In 5 yrs, I have accumulated about $10000, a wherewithal I needed to buy my own car. Today, I am a proud owner of Honda Accord.

                            When we grow old, our health may not permit us to work as we used to. This is the time when our savings will help us . So it is advisable to invest some money in pension funds or save it as fixed deposits so that it can be redeemed after retirement.

                             While it is true that there is no meaning for life without having fun, one should be careful enough not to spend too much money for today’s enjoyment. At the end of the day, our savings are more important than our earnings. Today’s savings will help us tomorrow.

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