Monday, May 7, 2012

Pudalangai (Snake gourd)  vadai





 Pudalangai -  1 cup (gratted)
Green chillies -  4

Rice flour - 1 tbs 

Fried gram flour - 1 cup
Oil  For deep frying

Salt  to taste



  Peel , wash and  grate pudalangai. 

  Grind green chillies and salt together and mix it with rice flour , 

  fried gram flour and the grated pudalangai 
  Do not mix it like a dough .
  Lightly mix with your hand . so that Chilly paste will mix well.
  Set it aside for 1/2 an hour.
  Wet your hands  and  take a lemon size dough, put in a cotton cloth and 

  make round  flat vadais of medium thickness.  
  At a time press 4 or 5 and then start frying them one by one. 

  So that in mean time cloth will absorb all the water that is emitted by vadai
  They will be tender to lift them , be carefull while taking them out.
  Fry them both sides till corners turn redish.
  Serve them with sauce or  curd..

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