Thursday, May 3, 2012

Crispy Rava Dosai



Idli batter - 1 cup

Rava -  2 cups

Tur dal Powder - 1 tbs

Rice flour -  
1 l/2 cup

Green chillis -  4 nos

Ginger -   a piece

Jeera -
1 tsp

For frying - 1 tsp  each
                   (jeera, white ti
l, hing powder, little oil)

Cashew nuts  - a few (roasted)

Coriander leaves  - a handful (nicely chopped)

 Curd - 1 tbs 

 Salt - To taste


 Grind   green chills, ginger and  fried  jeera , white til,  hing powder 

 by adding enough water. 

 Add  idli batter , tur dal powder, rava , rice flour fried spices, coriander leaves 

 along with roasted cashew nuts and curd and required salt. 

 Just make this mixure 30 min  before   to make the dosas.

 otherwise  the rava will become soggy and the crispy effect would be gone.

 Keep the batter little thinner (not like idli or dosai batter) 

 and pour it on the tawa just a little above level.  
 Do not try to touch the batter with the ladle or try to spread it.  

 The beauty of rava dosa will be vanished.  

 Once u make it like normal dosa both sides, clean the tawa with a tissue paper.  

 So your next dosa is as crisp and golden brown as the first one .

 Enjoy with chutney/dosa powder or with anything u like...


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