Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Humorous Tale of Jangiri

                    Humorous Tale of Jangiri

                                                       Hi All of My Blog Viewers , 


             Hi ,  I 'm Punitha , Blogger  of  South India Food Recipes. I  want to share with

 you all a humorous scene done by me on 19- 05-2012. planned to post Jangiri as my

150 th post.  After  we had our lunch , My husband gone to sleep. I soaked rice and

urad dal seperately in  water, and I gone to sit infront of computer for net surfing.

I had completely forget about the jangiri matter.While i was surfing  i received a 

comment to Gulkul post through pop-up. 

              And then only i got shocked and get ready to prepare jangiri. Grind rice

and grind urad dal seperately without adding water. And then put one  pan

for oil and the another pan for sugar syrup. These procedures are all gone well.   

In a milk cover , put a hole in the corner and fill it with the batter and squeeze

the batter into the hot  oil  of  jangiri shape .This is not come proper. So i 

managed and do 4 or 5 jangiris at my convenient shape. This small size jangiris 

come out well. I was little worried about the main image for my   150 th post.

             After an hour i got an idea, that is  I take main image from a sweet stall

( 'll replace it when it comes proper).  Remaining images are really  mine. When i put 

the big size jangiri in the sugar syrup, Our family friend's son Prabu came here.

Usual courtasy visit. First I give him  some water. After some time when  interesting

talks about politics going , i took that big size jangiri in a plate and give it to  him and

proudly said that this is my own preparation hmm . His face is not in normal condition. 

               Little scared and pick a small piece of jangiri and put into his mouth....  the

 jangiri shouts karrrrac murrrrac. Prabu says with some hesitations  , aunty , this is 

murukku aunty !!!??? No prabu , this is Jangiri ,  i do in my own kannu.  

I don't know what to do??? OK , i  had consoled myself , it'll take  some more time to

absorb the sugar syrup.  At that time the sugar syrup comes to thickest condition. 

So , i put it in the flame to melt and place the jangiri properly in the sugar syrup .

               My husband came from his clinic (He is a Doctor)  and ask me give me some

 sugar. My hands and legs are shivering due to low sugar. He is a diabetic patient.

Suddenly i take this jangiri and give it to him. He shocked and crawled like anything...   

Prabu laughed shoutedly.... In that situation  i felt  ashamed and I also begin to cry ,

                       " konjam adjust pannittu saappittaa ennaa????"  

In the hot summerla evlo kasta pattu senju ippadi aayiduche nnu varuthamaa 

irunthaalum very nice experience to enjoy whenever i saw My 150 th post.   
From March 27 th onwards i met  so many sweet nothings and challenges... 

                                               But really i enjoy Blogging ...

                                 This is My feed back to My 150 th post and 

                           I'll expect more  from YoU  All  My Lovable viewers....

                Want to enjoy my Jangiri ???!!!! :)



  1. :) :)

    I did notice that the jangiri pictures where not from your kitchen! But didn't want to ask about it.

    These kind of kitchen mishaps happens to everyone! You dare to share...appreciate your post! :)

    Good luck with the next trial!

    1. Hi Mahi ,

      Thank you for your appreciation. At that time i feel ashamed , but now i took this as a kitchen funny. Thanks for visit my blog Mahi . keep it up ...

  2. that was an interesting story dear....sometimes it happens......enjoyed reading it...:)

  3. Hi Fasee ,

    Thank you for your comment and Thanks for your regular visit to my blog.I agree with you Fasee, some times it happens because it is not a frequent made dish to experience. I too enjoy that moments, so that only i give it to my friends to enjoy....