Friday, May 11, 2012

Stuffed Bitter gourd



Bitter gourd – 4 nos (Peeled, deseeded)

For grinding:

Coconut - ½ Cup(shreded)

Ground nuts – 1 handfull

Coriander leaves –  a handfull

Tomato – 2 nos

Garlic – 5  pods
Red chilli powder – 2 tsp 

Turmeric – 1+1 tsp
Salt to taste

Oil – 3 tbs 


  Cut bitter gourd in half and slit one side.Scoop out the seeds. 

  Boil them in water with salt and turmeric until the 

  bitter gourd becomes soft and cooked. 

  This process is approximately 15 mins.

  Roast ground nuts without oil in small pan on a low flame.

 Grind tomatoes, coconut, coriander leaves, garlic and the roasted nuts. 

 Take out the paste to a bowl and add salt, chilli powder,

 turmeric and curry leaves to it.

 Stuff this ground paste inside the bitter gourd. 

 Take Oil in a pan; place the bitter gourds one by one in the pan. 

 Add the rest of the paste in the pan. 

Fry on each side for 5 mins. Fry till the raw smell of the paste goes. 

Check for salt again at this point. Add more if required.

Fry in simmer for 10 mins until the bitter gourd takes all the juice.

This dish goes well with rice/dhal combination or rice/rasam combination and chapathis too!


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