Saturday, October 6, 2012

Carrot Upma



Rava - 1 cup

Onion - 1 (Medium size, chopped)

     Carrot  - 2 nos (peeled , washed and shreded)

Green chillies  -  2 nos (chopped)

Mustard seed - 1 tsp

Channa dal - 1 Tbs

Salt - as you need

Oil - as you need

Ghee - 2 Tbs

 Curry leaves - a few

Coriander leaves a few


 Roast the rava with ghee 

Chop the onion , green chillies, and shred the carrots

Boil 2 cups of water in a separate bowl

in a pan at medium heat put oil and 

splutter the mustard seed and add the channa dal

Then add the chopped onion , green chillies, and the shreded carrot

Put the hot water into the onion mixture and adjust salt.

Then add the roasted rava little by little 

 Stir well

Put the flame in sim condition and close the pan with a lid.

After 5 minutes add the remain ghee and fresh curry and coriander leaves.

Now the delicious and healthy carrot upma is ready to serve...



  1. Yummy and healthy upma.

    Today's recipe:

  2. nice &healthy combo. love to eat it

  3. healthy uppuma Punitha

  4. lots of new recipes. will def try this. neat presentation. well done.