Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Raagi Dosai (Sweet)

Ingredients : ( For Sweet )

Coconut - 1 tbs (shreded)

Raagi flour - 1 cup

Jaggery - 1 cup (shreded) 

Cardamom - 4 nos (powdered)

Salt - a pinch 

Oil - 2 tbs

Ghee -2 tbs


 In a pan melt the shreded jaggery in a cup of water at medium heat and filter it.

After that jaggery water becomes cool add raagi flour , shreded coconut,

salt and cardamom powder, stir well like dosa batter.

If the jaggery water is insufficient add some ordinary water to make batter.

Melt the ghee and mix it with oil.

In a non stick pan pour the batter and put oil and ghee mixture around the dosai.

After cook one side and turn it to the other side and now also pour the ghee mixture.

Now the  delicious and iron rich dosai is ready to serve. Side dish is not needed.


  1. Nice to make kids eat...

  2. Very healthy dosai..Have tasted this but never tried..

  3. Never tried this sweet version, cant wait to give a try soon.

  4. Real tasty and healthy one...

  5. Looks absolutely perfect and healthy dosa.

    Today's recipe:

  6. Sweet dosa nice...looks good!!!

  7. Never thought u'll get crispy dosas made of raagi.. Incredible!

  8. Ragi is my favourite grain.. never tried sweet version of dosa.. new to me

  9. Sooo crispy dosa..Love this sweet version..