Friday, June 8, 2012


                               H  U R R A Y  

                                ! ! ! ! ! ! !    

                                     I got my first award 

 from PT  of   

                I am very much excited. Thanks Dear for this encouraging sunshine

 award. Like the rule says i need to pass this award to my fellow blog-mates. 

I am passing this award to the following blog-mates,

Rekha from Indiantastyfoodrecipes

Roshini from roshini's kitchen

Renuka from Renu's foodist

Mythreyi from yum yum yum

Liang from Liang's cook book 

Five Facts about myself :

1). Before 2 months i never expect that i have been here in the 

      blogger world 

2). Our family friend Sathish  motivate me and create this blog 

      on behalf of me

3)  My daughter in law guide me to promote my blog as she is a software 

      person of highly talented and matured in character.

4). Honoustly speaking , My sons encouragments took me here.

5). Finally  I'm having interest in net surfing....

     I Wish and  Enjoy my blogmates comments and i request the five 

     blogmates to accept this Award  :)

               I give my special Thanks to My Friend  PT, 

                    and Thanking you ALL :)



  1. Thnaks for teh comment and award .. it is a lot of encouargement you hav egiven by giving me that award ... i dont even know how to go about collecting teh award..:(.. trying to o that .

    thank u ,

  2. Hi Punitha,
    With complete honor I accept this award from you. Thanks once again.

  3. Hi Punitha,
    Congrats on your first award, please pick up one from Food Mazaa also..I had posted this before for all of my can see it in Labels on the side bar of my blog..or go to this link.

  4. Congrats dear :) you deserve it..

  5. Congrats :) You deserve this for your interest and effort you put into your blog!!
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  6. may be iwill be the 1st one to congratulate you for achieving this award..just seen your comment on my post and came here and saw your achievement..way to go punitha..i too love your blog..

  7. hi aunty.. My hearty wishes!!! You deserve it and thank u so much for sharing this award with me:) I am honoured:)

  8. Congrats Punitha
    Veena of

  9. Congratulations for ur 1st award...wish u many more..u have a lovely blog..m ur new happy follower..

  10. Congrats on your first award Punitha...That's the beginning.You deserve more.Keep Rocking !

  11. Congrats,wish you many many more,nice to know more about u,keep up the good work.

  12. Congrats on your award, wishing you many more to come.

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  13. congrats punitha..wishing you many many more success
    Tasty Appetite

  14. congrats.. wishing you many more

  15. Congrats on your most deserved award dear n wish you may more !!!!I'm really amazed to see such a variety of recipes in your space !!!!

  16. congrats on your award....

  17. Congrats on your first award,wishing many more!!
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  18. Congrats on your awards n wishing you many more.

  19. kudos to u keep rocking :)

  20. congrats n keep rocking dear....wish many more comes by your way....

  21. I love halwa and this beetroot one looks good. Congrats on your award.

  22. Colourful halwa! Never tasted this yet! :)

    Congrats on your awards! Happy blogging!

  23. Congratulations, Punitha! Keep up the good work.